The Technology Management Program is designed to maximize your preparation for managing technological change in any marketplace, and thereby offer you a competitive advantage. The rigorous, 40-hour curriculum provides a wonderful foundation for helping you to formulate effective and multi-pronged strategies that will ensure strong and sustainable growth for your organization. MSTM's coursework can be divided into three categories: core business courses that build a solid business foundation, technology management courses specifically designed for our program, and professional developmental activities.

Core Business Courses

The core foundation courses are similar to those underpinning any top MBA program. These include fundamental courses (e.g. Statistics, Accountancy, Finance), as well as courses in functional areas of business administration (e.g. Marketing, Organization Design, Process Management).

Technology Management Courses

These courses represent your first step towards mastering an environment where innovation, introduction of new products, and managing intellectual property are the basis for success. This combination simply cannot be found in traditional graduate business programs.

The core and technology courses are taught in both eight-weeks and semester-long modules that complement and build upon each other within a synergistic framework. In the final semester you will have the opportunity to further synthesize the knowledge and leadership skillsgained throughout the Program in a Practicum course whereby you will work on an important real world project in collaborative teams alongside a faculty mentor.

Frontiers in Technology

The importance of classwork aside, we recognize that simply sitting in a classroom is not enough. Thus, we supplement the traditional courses with the Frontiers in Technology seminar series. Frontiers in Technology consists of an ongoing series of seminars & workshops, corporate visits, and talks by researchers who are pioneering new technology. Through working in conjunction with our world-class engineering departments at the University of Illinois, our program provides a glimpse of new breakthroughs that are expected to affect our lives over the coming years.

We warmly invite you to explore our exceptional coursework in further detail.

A brief description of each course can be had by scrolling over each one in the chart below, and clicking through will lead you to a detailed rundown.

Management of Technology Courses Technology Practicum Frontiers in Technology Seminars

Technology Strategy
Managing Intellectual Property
Managing Innovation
Supply Chain Management
Project Management
New Product Development
Core Courses Leadership and Teams Process Management Marketing Management
Financial Management Statistics
Simulation & Risk Analysis


Starting in summer 2015, students may choose to pursue an optional concentration in one of four areas: Supply Chain Management, Information Technology and Control, Corporate Governance and International Business, or Business Data Analytics (Business Data Analytics is pending approval). These concentrations will appear on your transcript as a concentration. Please contact the MSTM office if you have questions regarding these concentrations and how they fit into the MSTM curriculum.

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